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Attia Abbasi Director

Smile Dental Triage where we are proud to provide a high quality, consistent dental triage service with a Smile

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Who we are?

Smile Dental Triage is a specialist provider of dental triage services. The service was established in 2006 and now covers every borough in London. Smile Dental Triage works in conjunction with LCW, where we provide an integrated Dental Service working with NHS 111.

As an organisation we are interested in safe and efficient prevention of clinical dental triage services via a trained specialist workforce. The current service model works on the basis of most appropriate care closest to home and is based around the needs of the individual service user who calls in with a dental need.

Patients are at the heart of our service and we have constantly received high praises from patients who have been in pain prior to our intervention

The service has successfully worked through periods of high volume/service-call traffic for example the London Olympics, initial UK Swine Flu epidemic, offering patient diversion where necessary.

Smile Dental Triage started by working across the North West London Health Economy. Initially we were set up to relive attendance pressure into A&E departments when the then new General Dental Contracts came into force. We had immediate success with ensuring patients were able to access services out of hours or to treat them until they could get to an in hours service where required. This clearly required a great deal of collaboration with commissioners and local dental practices to whom we would send patients.

Over time and the implementation of 111 in particular our services have been more sought after as a solution to a tooth pain disposition within 111. This has seen us expand and work with both Out of Hours services and 111 providers to ensure we provide the best possible service for patients using that system. We are aware that the Directory of Services is a commissioner responsibility so have had to work with commissioners to ensure they are aware of our services where commissioned.

We provide a service to NHS patients for patients who call the service number relevant to them as well as disposition and integrated working with NHS 111

The service we offer is a central phone number for Pan London, where patients are assessed and triaged by dental nurses. Patients are booked in for an appointment, given an unscheduled care appointment or given advice only if required.

Teeth Care with High Quality Triage
Care with Advice only
Referral Management with Next day Slots
Same Day Appointments

What we do

We provide comprehensive care to our patients. You will get a thorough understanding of your dental issues and what can be done to help you be in optimal dental health.

In order to ensure effective care for patients all calls to the telephone triage are recorded, and these calls are monitored and quality checked on a daily basis. A manager is always present on each shift in order to ensure that calls are dealt with in a timely and polite, helpful and consistent manner.


Telephone Triage

Smile provides a care pathway for patients via telephone triage. The patients are be assessed, and all details will be taken from the patient e.g. medical history (if on any medication), any allergies, whether they are registered with a dentist, when the last dental visit was, and any relevant information that is required from the patient.

Once the patient has been assessed, and if patient is required to see a dentist, the telephone triage service ensures the patient is aware of the time of the appointment and the location. If the call from the patient is a trauma case, e.g.: patient involved in the accident, the call handler will advise the triage nurse to call patient immediately as these are treated as a priority.



If the patient is an urgent but non-emergency, they will be given an unscheduled care appointment for the next day where they can be seen and treated for their condition. The patient however in the meantime is given any advice necessary should their condition worsen, and how to control any pain they may have. It is absolutely necessary that all patients are treated with dignity and all calls are of the same high quality.



The service also use Dentext, a telephone text service whereby patients receive a text to inform them of whereby patients receive a text to inform them of where they are going and at what time, this is very useful where patients are in pain and are not carrying pen or paper with them. Patients are informed about estimated waiting times and patient charges.



Please note any patients out of the area are diverted to their own service where available and the triage service keeps a booklet with this information for most of London.


The current Smile Dental Triage service covers a number of Area Teams within England. Due to the benefits received from economies of scale and in conjunction with the large number of Dental Nurses currently employed, the Smile Triage service has the potential to expand and cover the whole of England.

With regards to Smile Dental Triage staffing, our Nurses currently work part time, which also cover the current overnight service.

Smile Dental Triage has on-boarded the services of LCW (Unscheduled Care Collaborative) to take ownership of our disaster recovery and back up processes.

Smile provides a gold standard Dental Triage Service since 2006 that has a reference from a number of bodies and patients alike, (including a large number of senior NHS employees that have used the service).

Smile currently have a patient satisfaction of 99.9%. Feedback to date from local newspapers and patient letters state how impressed they are with our efficiency, general care and personal touch of our service. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile for every patient.

The Smile Dental Triage service is able to provide a 24/7 coverage providing a seamless service since 2006. Since 2008, Smile have expanded the triage service outside of London namely East, South West & North East of England.

We are bound by identical standards and measures of success as per the NHS. In summary, Every patient matters, and Every call matters.

Dental Care

Who’s who

Smile Dental Triage where we are proud to provide a high quality, consistent dental triage service with a Smile

Attia Abbasi Director

It is a brilliant achievement to see where we first started and where we are now. Smile Dental Triage has achieved levels of success over the years and I’m proud to say that has only been possible through the help of each individual at the Smile team. I am honoured to see the company from its rising days till now. We have an excellent team of dedicated employees, who believe every patient matters and do their very best in providing a gold standard service to all of London.

Shalin Kapoor Dental Surgeon / Clinical lead

My role as Clinical Director for Smile Triage involves providing clinical advice when needed for both dental nurse and patients when required. I attend and actually carry out live calls myself on a regular basis, so that training or systems can be tweaked to adapt to the type of calls received. My role also involves regular training of the Dental Nurses and keeping them up to date with evidence based advancements in dental emergency care. The service has been running efficiently and with excellent professionalism throughout the year and we hope to improve even more through the forthcoming data upgrade that will take place in the coming year in regards to the integrated 111 services and in conjunction with Healthy

Sonia Abbasi Operational Manager

I have been with Smile Dental since 2011. I started off as a triage nurse and started to manage South West London at the time and then my role developed into Operations Manager. I have seen the company grow and expand since being a part of Smile and it makes me proud to say I am a part of such a team. My role at Smile Dental Triage involves making sure there is a smooth running of the day-to-day service, all training for nurses is up to date and to ensure we offer an excellent service to out of hours patients. As part of management we ensure we work closely with the team, so we are always triaging along with the nurses to make sure we understand the service fully from a providers point of view and a patient point of view. The service has been praised and recognized several times through the years and I am always looking forward to new projects.

Bobby Nizzer Operational Manager

I joined Smile Dental Triage in 2013 as a trainee dental triage nurse and quickly absorbed the company values of providing patients with the best possible care – a value that was passed on to me innately like an energy from all of my colleagues who truly do put their heart and soul into every single case. After 10 years of Smile providing this excellent service to parts of London, it was in 2016 when we expanded and were given the opportunity to showcase our excellence on a London-wide scale. It was during the implementation of the new London-wide service that I made the step up to Service Manager and my most key goal in doing so was to ensure that the gold standard service that we once provided to the population of only North-West London was extended to all of London – This is something I believe Smile has been truly successful in doing. This is no large cooperation in which patients and contracts are just a number; this is a team which ensure that all patients and commissioners truly receive a personal service, and I am proud to be part of the management team of such a service.

Jas Hayre Operational Night Service Manager

I joined Smile Dental Triage in January 2015 with previous experience as a nurse in A and E Hospital as a nurse and then trained as a dental nurse and became the night Service Manager. The night service runs from 2200 to 0800, during this time we have limited appointments that we can offer to those patients that are in need of emergency dental care.

These patients could include the following:
> Trauma cases
> Elderly housebound
> Domiciliary
> Pregnant
> Children
> Accidents
> And severe swelling, infections or abscesses

"Your advice has been ever so helpful, and reassuring, I didn’t expect to be able to speak to someone at this time…is this really an NHS service?"

"I wish I could speak to your supervisor to let them know how helpful this service was to me"

"And people say the NHS service is so bad, I cant believe that this is actually an NHS service, its so ecient"

"I have called back with some feedback for you my dentist was so unhelpful and so was the GP, is it only dental you deal with as you have been so helpful and sorted out my problem"

"I wish there was more people in the world like you!"

  • Mrs J Ealing

  • Mrs J Richmond

  • Mr D Hillingdon

  • Mr P Westminster

  • Mrs S Croydon


Smile Dental Triage where we are proud to provide a high quality, consistent dental triage service with a Smile

  • Hillingdon NHS Dental Practices

  • Brent NHS Dental Practices

  • Harrow NHS Dental Practices

  • Ealing NHS Dental Practices

  • Hounslow NHS Dental Practices

  • Hammersmith & Fulham NHS Dental Practices

  • Westminster NHS Dental Practices

  • Kensington & Chelsea NHS Dental Practices

  • Hillingdon NHS Dental Practices

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Service Timing

Smile Dental Triage where we are proud to provide a high quality, consistent dental triage service with a Smile

North West London Service Timing: Monday – Friday: - 17:00 till 22:00
 Saturday, Sunday & Bank Holidays: - 08.30 till 22:00 Areas we Cover within North West London are: 
,Hammersmith and Fulham
, Kensington and Chelsea, Ealing
, Harrow
, Brent

South West London Service Timing: Monday – Friday: - 17:00 till 22:00
 Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays:- 08:30 till 22:00
 Areas we Cover within South West London are:
 Richmond and Twickenham
, Croydon
, Sutton and Merton
, Wandsworth
, Kingston

South West England Service Timing: Monday – Friday: - 17:00 till 00:00 Saturday & Sunday:- 08.00 till 21:00 Bank Holiday: 08:00 till 19:00 Areas we Cover within South West England are:
, Bath
, North East Somerset, 
, Wiltshire
, Gloucestershire 

Overnight Service Timing: Monday – Friday: - 22:00 till 08:00 Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays:- 22:00 till 08:00 Areas we Cover Overnight are: 
North West London
, South West London
, North Central London
, North East London
, South East London
,Greater London

North Central London Service Timing: Monday – Friday: 17:00 - 22:00 Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays:- 08:30 till 22:00 Areas We Cover:
 Barnet, Camden, City of London, Islington, Enfield, Haringey 

North East London Service Timing: Monday – Friday: 17:00 - 22:00 Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays:- 08:30 till 22:00 Areas We Cover:
 Barking, Dagenham, Newham, Hackney, Redbridge, Tower Hamlets, Waltham Forest, Havering

South East London Service Timing: Monday – Friday: 17:00 - 22:00 Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays:- 08:30 till 22:00 Areas We Cover:
 Bexley, Bromley, Greenwich, Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark


Smile Dental Triage where we are proud to provide a high quality, consistent dental triage service with a Smile

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